Take Action

remove the stress and have fun with it!

Sounds simple, but if action is not taken then failure is eminent.  Whatever the goal may be, it is important that we take action.  Be it Working Hard or Working Out, after making a plan it must be activated.

Be disciplined to do the things we fear the most and to not allow doubt to cloud our mind, for this is the very thing that cripples our success.   To achieve something better than what we have always had, it is important that we do things that we normally don’t do.

By breaking away, we allow a new growth to begin and for something new to prosper from within. As you take action, I too remind myself to enjoy the now.  So much of taking action, involves having risk and being open to failure.

Failure is one of the reasons people stay complacent and fear moving forward.  To fail again or to fail at all is not scheduled in the plan, so therefore is the primary roadblock to success.

Failure though, is actually a representation of tried output.  It shows that energy was involved to produce something.  Just like a muscle, when it is not exercised, it cannot handle too much weight, so is the energy in this building block.  As a new source to be used, does it need momentum to grow into a strong force.

So as we bear this in mind, take action anyway, if there is an Ooopsie, then brush your shoulders off and keep moving.  As you take action, you take flight.  Don’t allow anxiety, the what if thoughts to creep in, just be.  Just do.

Say part of your action is getting in front of people, making presentation to actually sell a point to person or team to achieve the financial freedom you are desiring.  However, the fear and anxiety is with the computer, lack of knowledge or creativity to make it look as professional.  Or for instance, you may have the know how, but don’t really have the time for development, so want to wing it instead?

Question, for either scenarios can you afford to not do what is right for you and your finances?  The answer is no.  Finding quick solutions that are attainable is the best step to move forward with ease.  I have found that even as a designer that templates are a great way to save time and achieve results.  I speak all the time about systems and conceptual learning, for this is what works for me.

If you are concerned about your presence, then I have found a tool that can simplify your workload.  Its a boatload of templates with varied targeted industries, designed to simplify your life.  Check it out, take action to see how much this can free your time and gain the momentum with your online presence or in person.

Even for kids, its a great tool for back to school and to lead them into a comfort zone and preparation for their homework and class assignments.

Focus in on what you want and go for it, have fun with it and embrace all that comes in.  Rewards and consequences are there but its okay.   Here is where results are produced, so stay in the game.

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