Tea Time – The Peppermint Tea!

My favorite tea of all is the peppermint tea.  I think I drink this about every day and just love the taste and the benefits of.  For me, from birth, I’ve always had problems with digestion and this in some part has propelled my search and quest to find the right foods, holistic methods and beneficial herbs fruits, flowers and vegetables to give me a better life.

The peppermint tea as smooth as its taste has great properties to soothe indegestion, stomach problems, boost your immune system, fight nausea, aid with cold/cough and much more.  From experience and knowing this, I’ve decided to share this tea with you also.

The peppermint tea has analgesic properties that can help to calm and relax the stomach and intestinal muscles which is how it can get rid problems like irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea or stomach cramps. As its great for the stomach and digestion, it has been found to have a cooling carminative that helps to relieve pain in the digestive tract by helping gas to move through your stomach and intestines after you have eaten.


 So a quick simple fix if out to dinner and the ingredients in the meal creates this challenge for you as you are eating.  

As well as digestion, the common cold can be fought off with increased calcium, Vitamin B and Potassium found in the peppermint tea.  These properties, give and an immune system boost to give the body the right sustenance to fight the virus in the body.

Tummy Tonic (Caffeine Free) – $4.00
This soothing aromatic blend is crafted by our master blenders with the combination of time tested botanicals. Enjoy bringing your tummy back to tip-top shape and restoring balance in the digestive system.Caffeine Content: Caffeine FreeTasting Notes: Minty, Calming, Slightly Sweet

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