The’s little worker

True story, I was at a park one day and pondered questions in my life.  As I sat there, I took note how no one was there. Then even more interesting that nothing was there, not even an animal.  Outside of the plant life, I was the only life there.   This is a rarity for me.  In my life, I am used to animals and plenty of life around me and coming to me.  I looked up for guidance.  As I did, a bee came right over to me.  

As I watched him two of his little friends joined him, I took note of how peaceful they were and in their peace, their focus.  So diligent, they take the time to smell the roses but yet so focused on the trueness of life.  I looked up the meaning of bees as the poem came to me. What I found was sweet yet profound.  The gentle message that I needed to hear as I asked for guidance was delivered in one of God’s little creations.  
After reading and reviewing what I wrote.  I really watched the bee and his tenacity with fulfilling his mission.  I then thought of his trials of moving through to survive and how a simple look and taking notice on my part gave me such great insight. 
Profound and sweet in all its essence, it gave me a strong message to share.  This is that God does speak in so many ways to you.  You must first be open and receptive enough to receive the message.  When you move so fast and busy with this world as I once did, you miss these open channels.  
So as you go through your day, be sure you take note to your symbols and messages to move you towards the right direction. 
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