The Change is Real

funniest thing…their heads are the last thing to come out…..interesting.

Anyone going through a transformation, knows that the change is real.  It takes dedication, persistence and effort to make your way through.  What seemed like simple questions, became a series and then obstacles to measure up, shake and shift you back and forth between.

If you don’t know what that means, no worries you will.  I have to say this journey is not near complete but has not been easy either.  It can be a straight pain in the backside.  The trials, the unlearning of everything that you knew as true and then to develop something strong within yourself based on you.  Its a challenge. Straight up.  But you can do it.

What I am seeing is that through the trials, sometimes the easiest solutions are the right ones on managing your way through the transformation.  One insight I will share will be control of the mind.  The mind is a powerful, powerful instrument.  It must be used wisely through the heart.

With technology, trained teachings and this fast paced world, many of us have been conditioned to just move through with the day and tasks.  Resulting in many floating thoughts and randomized ideas. All of which are created energy.  Thoughts are energy.  Once birthed, the thought has formed a presence in your environment and thus shaping your reality.   To take a step back and just view the thought, you can then control how and what should be flourished or fed.   Will it be negative unproductive ones or ones that give you passion, joy and happiness of positive flow?


See we each have a choice.  We must decide to make the right choices from thought.  And this in itself is a discipline.  With so much in society, government, culture and religion, we are all taught to do things a certain way.  However, confusion lies and disruption occurs.  The ones that seek to find a better way are here today in the level of transformation to move to the next level of awareness.

Take heed and hold on strong with consistent effort as you manage your daily thought.  Learn to accept, view and move on from thoughts that do not encourage or move you in a positive direction.  Understand that the pain you feel is one that you must go through and release to make a complete transformation.  It is a process. Unlearning and learning a new.   Embrace and know that this too shall pass.  Continue on your journey and be the difference in this world that we need.

Love and Light.

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