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Giving up on love and happy with focusing on your $$$

Tired of attracting the wrong person...

and at times, still wanting to feel seen, heard and a priority

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YES! I'm Ready For Rapid Growth

Seriously, It's time for a change

You know you want that deep kind of soul love, but at this point, feel its not even a thing. Its something unreachable and that it may not be in the cards for you. How about we change that. If you are committed to not growing old alone -- as time is flying by and bossing on your career, you gotta make time to work on yourself and make that change - more importantly make a modest investment.

You have seen this kind of love and know its possible, and you should receive this too. My methods have aligned many to feel better and drastically change the type of men they attract. It's time you change too.

What keeps you in a place of meeting someone not for you?

Most often it is all the failed relationships, hurts, drama and not feeling seen or heard.          THIS is where Spiritually Sexy comes in.


Connecting you with a tribe - to grow. love. attract.


A Hybrid Group Program

Ongoing Monthly 1:1 activation sessions with group lives & community. Join me in these interactive group live sessions on all the secret mechanics to align you as well as tuning into your divine energy to attract the one. 



What You'll Get!

This is a powerful program that aligns you to better relationships and connecting on a deeper and more intimate level where you will feel seen and heard.

By aligning from the soul level, you will stop attracting the emotionally unavailable, non-provider, unprotective kind of men and start receiving the ones that are ready for YOU. To give love, protect and provide for you the way you deserve.  

Creating the energy within you to receive this love effortlessly without fear of abandonment, betrayal and avoidance that has been handed to you in the past. 

Allowing someone back In 

the fear of this has kept you at bay for so long, its time to let this go..

Meeting someone more aligned to YOU

ridding the constant "fillers" when you're bored and just-not-interested

Enjoy & Communicate well with your boo

end thinking they should "just know" and tired of long texts or long waits to responses

Be That Soulmate Magnet & Attract Options

Results to be in alignment and truly receive the soulmate you are destined for.  It's time to be Spiritually Sexy

In this program, you will learn and take action easily with my healing and teachings to attract magnetically men that YOU are interested in from a soul level. That means more joy, love and abundance in your life as you break past the fears and past hurts. Even better, you'll have a tribe to help and support you along the way. :)

What Clients Are Saying

“A call that led to my tapping the Powers within! Keshia is incredibly talented and gifted in the arts of healing and meditation. I had the good fortune to connect with Keshia through Linkedin. We took our connection offline, and I discovered Keshia’s gifts of intuition and holistic healing. What stood out most about our call was Keshia’s ability to pinpoint areas in my life that needed healing with remarkable accuracy. Equally, her demeanor was kind and non-judgmental, leading to a personal breakthrough for me! If you are seeking to align your mind, body, and soul, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider Keshia Martin as your choice for a holistic healer. You will be transformed!”​

–Adrienne Simms Harris

"Just saying if you have any doubt on the power of energy healing and what it can do for you? – you need to open your spirit and allow the process -IF you feel there is a forever spinning wheel that just will not stop or you are in a funk not having clarity or direction – You need to get on board with Keshia – The powerful session will deliver amazing results – in just one session with Keshia and NOT having any knowledge of her I am forever empowered and released with a clearer direction than I have had in the last 24 months – reach out if you need more confirmation on her abilities to help you – I give her a top rating!”

– Jodeen Bergstrom

Keshia has done an amazing job helping with my energy healing. I have had several sessions with her and continue to grow with each one. 😊I look forward to our future sessions.

– Savette Marchman

“Deep waters runs silent ” it is a phrase that explains Keshia s personality . A passionate healer and humble channel of the Divine….always ready to help people and inspire people.Keshia is so full of spiritual energy , her radiance is something you can t miss , even if in a crowd she makes her mark…..Thank You Keshia …Love ….Peace….Light …..Namaste

– Angela Caputi

Quality service, powerful healings and teachings for women and men all over the world..

The Challenge

you face now

Is that fear of letting someone back in. I get it. The pain from the past times you wasted and re-occurance of failures have created a level of resignation of finding "the one". 

My Mission

To empower as many individuals to owning their power and trusting their divine self to embody who they are on a whole and attract, manifest the love they want.

Are We A Match?

Here are some qualities, I am looking for... 

  • You are ready for a change and want real results.

  • You believe in something more, and want to strengthen your intuition.

  • You are ready to put in some divine practices to move and shift your vibe to high.

  • You are a woman or a guy that wants to elevate and attract that "Soul" kinda love.

  • You are kind. fun. and coachable 

  • You want a circle of friends around you that can support you and "get you" without feeling like a burden.

If that's you, you'll be at home with us, and would love to have you!

"But, I don't think that its possible me. I've been through too much and don't think its I will have love. They are always the same."

If couples can be married for 20+ years, you can too.  It is a matter of give and take.  Learning secrets of connecting and allowing yourself to be loved and to give love freely.

I can help.

Whatever is holding you in this thought pattern, be it lack of healing, how to be heard, seen, connect or attracting what you want -- you will gain this in Spiritually Sexy. 


Make the Move to Living a fulfilled life with your ideal partner and writing your own happily ever after.

Our program helps you through a whole reset to attract and keep the next level lifestyle you want to live in.  

Benefits of Joining!

  • You get direct access to Keshia Martin

  • Founder of Universal Love, author of "Open Let Life Make Sense, Entrepreneur, Creator of Ancient Light Healing to guide you through your journey.

  • You get the healing

  • Not just the group, but with your individual healing sessions as well.  This works the energetics behind the beliefs, lifting what has been stuck.

  • You get the mindset training to help you 

  • Break the habits that have kept you feeling this is it.  Here we shift the beliefs entirely to awaken you to what you are truly worthy of receiving.

  • You get to hang out with other spirited peeps like yourself to grow, heal and manifest with!

  • Give your friends a break from burnout and grow with a tribe that know, feel and relate to what you are learning and going through.

  • You learn how to do these things for yourself..

  • Instead of the same cycle and results, you start being that gyal! That one that magnetizes love to you!

  • You learn how to better connect and communicate with men

  • Its not just getting the ONE, but keeping too.  You will become so attuned you are aware of how you are connecting with your mate and how to be better heard.

Take A Peek at What I have In Store for you!

You get to hang out in our beautiful training site: Ton's of videos, meditations, plus more!

The library of wisdom to unearth, ground and reconnect into your inner essence. This is your resource in between sessions and as you need on a 24/7 basis for you to reconnect, restore and move forward.

($2,500 Value)

1:1 Healing Session: Distant or In Person

This is our time to connect into your blueprint and release the thing that are unique to you to enhance your connection to love and attraction.  

($1,600 Value)

Spirit Essence Forum: Ignite Your Divine Connection

The Inner goddess unleashed embraces self-healing techniques and the cool methods to keep your vibes high. In this forum, you get the key gems to tap into your divine, raise your vibe and align!

($1,500 Value)

Bonus : Spiritually Sexy Dance

Sensual dances that embraces your inner goddess to break past the fears of intimacy and truly get into your body.  This fun class will be weekly relief you will look forward to. 

($500 Value)

The Total Value Of The Bonuses Amounts To More Than $7,997 In Absolute Value!

So...What's The Catch?