The Start. Making that Connection.

ignite the light within you.

Everyone is born with varied gifts.  It is up to us to open up to this and accept that they are within us. These gifts are here to guide you and develop you in a positive way.  However, if you do not believe, you will not receive.

Some may know this as intuition, gut feelings, crazy dreams, dejavu but whatever your experience is, know that it is true.  The challenge is with discernment and removing learned teachings from religion, society and culture.  To be open and receptive to things you must be able to accept the truths in each and the false.

The best way to understand and grow is to read the material that has been given to you.  Be it a bible in your faith, studies in science that include articles or program or research within your culture.  What I have found is that, as much of a disconnect or difference between these things that has been taught, there is a very big connectivity.

This connection has synchronicity and is a bloodline for all of us.  Staying blinded to what is, keeps you from connecting to the true.

Jesus came and taught much of how to get closer to the divine and through parables that so much is within us.  Buddha also had similar teachings just as other enlightened people have over time. They each shared with us the foundation is of love, peace and harmony.

To understand this from within, to access what they have taught, is to accept and be open to change.  To accept and be open that everyone is equipped with these gifts, skills, senses just as we all received the same in a physical body less what determines the gender.   To accept that you, we or I are not alone.

By doing this, you allow yourself to accept you conquer a fear of the unknown, a feeling of betrayal to your beliefs and allow your mind to be open to other cultures.

You get to think for yourself and not what society or other experiences has taught you to be.  If you find your gifts through love, peace and harmony the rewards for your efforts will be that much greater.  But the first thing is to open your mind to new beliefs and remove old thought patterns.

Old thought patterns can be any negative self talk, blocks or obstacles that are self imposed through experience or life teachings or ones that prevent you from learning something new.  It can be as simple as “I Can’t”.  

believe in the good within you.

New beliefs allow positive self talk, entertains the possibilities of what if’s with theories or experiences, is not afraid of mistakes and find ways to make little changes to gain harmony with peace and love.

When the belief patterns start to change, quieting the mind of the worldly chatters becomes something of ease.  Your senses can then be more familiar to you with connecting with yourself, people, nature and things around you.

Be one with you so as your gifts grow you can understand how to manage and move through life more freely.  How to have discernment with your decision making and control your emotions through situations in life from a peaceful state.  One without anger.

You become one with yourself.  Right now, a lot of confusion exists within people and is the root of much anger, hostilities, hatred and crimes.  People are not connected with themselves to receive the positive love and energy.  They experience things but are taught its not true.

So they live confused for something inside them says something different, but they don’t know what it is. I know, I’ve felt it.  Its time to open up to the possibilities and allow the true message of love flow through us to connect us all with one another.

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