The Trust Within – As Spirit Speaks

They have transcended to a place of undesired.  Hear my words for as I speak, I love.  They have lost so much, protect to not be in danger for an army among men will be upon you. 
Do not fear, for your army is greater.  
Speak and they will rise.  Speak and things will manifest. Speak and you will grow to the magnitude of eternity.  It is your existence.  It is your destiny.  Speak!
You must now believe the weight is gone.  But an ounce of doubt, you must not grow this.  But speak of love. Of power and of grace.
For thoughts that do not share fear based feelings are ones you should lean on. Fear, should these squeeze you, release and move on. 
Accept.  Accept the message with no emotion, for know that the truth will set you free. So for if God speaks, then peace will be for truth is hear to set you free. 
This is what you trust.  This is what you lean to. This is what you understand.
For the truth cannot hurt for it is one with you. A balance in the universe, a force from within. A marker for you to trust and believe.  Here is your answer.
Breathe slow and clear mind till you find peace. It is here you will know truth, the light and the way. 

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