The United States and How We Are Divided

The United States of America.  That is our title.  It formulates the idea that we have a collective set of states that uniformly work together.  It represents the name that we are united.  That we work together in a collective group in unity.

However, each piece of land that is divided into states is then divided into subparts that are yet still unequal.  Each state has unique laws that apply with different taxation, motor vehicle, how crimes are processed, housing and so much more.  A land that symbolizes freedom, but yet leads with no direct form for a solid unit to be made.

The country lays divided.  Divided with race. Divided with belief.  Divided with hope.  Divided in working together.  Heck, we can’t even get the ethnicity selection right.  We have White, Black (or African American), Asian, Pacific Indian, etc.  IF it should be color, why not White, Brown, Black, Tan, etc…and then Ethnicity be American, Asian, European, West Indian, etc… There is no correlation from one to the other.

The confusion with identity, is from the start. 

To go back to what we are speaking about, the strength as God designed, has been watered down into different beliefs to suit the needs of various men.  The strength of God has been wiped out to suit the power of man.  The strength in belief of the power of many has been extinguished by the power of the weak that seeks control of the many.  Where we should be like a tree, strong from the roots where our core values, foundations are built within all.

We are united.  We do have states.  Unlike other continents where there are separate countries.  We are to be a unified land.   When I think of unified land, I think one that should operate like the human body.  Each part doing its unique job for a greater purpose to benefit all participants involved.

Instead, the system is designed to break our natural beings from birth.  Being one of the few countries that knowingly understands how a spirit is within the body, we naturally break that bond from birth with little or no maternity leave for a mother.

With little to no support, this land does not support the assistance needed for a parent to nurture, grow, educate a child the way we were truly designed.  In our own land, the child is treated as liabilities or future commodities for a privatized prison system waiting to mentally break down the minds of the young. We see this with investments made with prisons and funding removed from schools.

What is in power now, uses virality of media to control the mindset of the people.  To keep them docile, the fluoride in the water and the GMO’s, Chemicals and other products that chemically send signals to the cells within your body are produced in the food intake.  Continually paralyzing the communities.  Breaking down structures in a false economy that keeps the American people in a work overdrive mode and away from connecting within and being there for their children. The youth.

With our food, we must understand the seriousness of what takes place.  The FDA, (Federal Drug Administration), Federal, approves the food and drugs for consumption, knowingly. The requirement is for something to pass 2 tests.  Two.  This could be out of a one hundred. Once approved, manufacturers can sell this for our consumption.  So in essence, they are allowed to approve poisons that will send mixed signals within your body, to create confusion, health issues or complacency in actions.

Where on the flip side, the American people work and do the due diligence (for the most part, I will keep it real), to fund the governing body.  With the analogy of the human body, I see the American people as the cells within the body and the states as the organs with the brain as the government.  However, they have lost the heart.  The have lost the pulse that makes us come together.

Spiritually, we connect from the heart.  We embrace God and his wisdom there to have love and compassion for one another.  It is this vibrational energy that connects us in a positive way.  The vibrational energy of love is what nurtures a love from birth with the newborn child. To give its stability and wisdom needed to be a positive force, moving cell in this land.

By degradation of this frequency, we operate at a low level.  There is crime, violence, hatred, jealousy, and negative impacts populate through this connected circuit creating divisions within the human population.

The division starts from above, where this knowledge has been passed down, but yet hidden from the people.  For they know the power is IN THE PEOPLE.  It is only the bodies of cells, us, the people, that live in a docile frequency that allows this synergy of weak power to overtake our strength.

By not standing up, by eating the same foods, having the frequency of phones, wireless devices disrupt your own vibrations with the earth, you lose your power.  People wondered where the bee’s went a few years ago.  It patterns back to the introduction of wireless devices.  This vibration that was introduced world-wide introduced a new frequency to the earth.  This frequency confused the animals, insects and much more for it changed the earth’s vibration.  Therefore, they could not resonate to their natural habitats.  The companies know this as well as the government and have kindly placed a tiny disclaimer in the multipage contract that state we should not place the phone directly on our body, because of the number of electromagnetic fields it introduces and its impacts.

To fix this, we must make a change.  These changes start at a simplistic level to gain back our thinking power and our strength.  By doing this now you begin to gain back your inner power to command the vibration of love.

  • change your diet
  • meditate
  • pray
  • make others aware
  • start doing something to make a change

Make the simple changes that  can assist your family, your love, your friends – make them aware – tell them – share this.  Let them know that we are being compromised from free thinking in the most secretive way.  If we each do this, our individual lights can shine and WE CAN work together for a greater good.  WE CAN regain our power and WE CAN Change for the better.

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