The Universe is Sending Out Compassion

Compassion is a deeper level of understanding.  The true knowing of oneself and seeing within someone else the truth, the deepness of the matter or story.  By opening with clear eyes and an open heart we can feel what a person is truly feeling and embrace the joy or pain that they are going through without judgement.

Compassion is the window for the seat of ones soul and an energetic plane to connect and feel.  The peace in the synchronicity that one feels real compassion.  To “think” or try to understand/analyze brings judgement and loss of peace.  The ego is in play and a place for inferiority is within ones mine for a level of expectancy has now been placed on a short coming or a reasoning.

Signs of Judgement
The judgement of shortcomings are attained with one experiencing pain.  The eyes are seeing things different and have become an expert in hindsight.  If one is looking at a situation in this matter, they see how things could have been done better and are now looking to fix.  Sometimes they try to fix and then create a disruption in the flow.

The judgement or reasoning are one that are experiencing joy.  For this situation, one is rationalizing how the other arrived to happy.  In this instance, the ego or self is discontented with ones self and are now in an negative energetic vibration about themselves.  So at the root of things from within, this is what is going on.  The physical things that can be displayed may be jealousy, anger, judgement, reasoning and explanation.

True Compassion

This needs no words but a feeling of understanding and just getting it.  At this point, for either situation, the best method is not to allow the ego to jump in and have you make a move or volunteer assistance.  But to just understand and know to BE ready when the time comes.   By connecting with someone on this level, energetically if they are attuned, they will feel when you understand and a true lasting connection is made.

The universe is sending this out now. For a greater level of peace is needed.  To receive this, we must have compassion for one another.  To understand and accept without judgement. By allowing one to connect with another and see with another set of eyes and removing from ones self and daily life.  So allow, feel and sense who you may be in need of compassion for.   A learning lesson may be made in each, so embrace.

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