The Voice Within, Is it Fear or faith based?

So the message of the week for me has been fear.  How do you discern with your thoughts on what is fear based and what is faith?

This is a question that I have often asked and the answers to this has come to me in various forms daily this week.  With that being said, I want to share what has been learned.  For I am sure, as I have had some questions, others have had them too.

Now here’s what I got.

Fear is often the mind and its chatter.  See you can hear thoughts in two ways.  There is the one soft voice that says something small but yet distinct.  This is your spirit.  Then there is constant chatter that can go over and over, even an analysis that can run a course.   This is your mind.  The challenge is it uses logical reasoning and we can create a tendency to listen to just that because “it makes sense, or sounds right to do”.  However, both have a purpose and for each you have a choice.

Depending on your decision, the choice you make on which to listen to will determine an outcome that is either favorable to you or a learning lesson.  I can admit, I’ve had my share of learning lessons and living by faith, to me seems to be a better outcome.  So, with that being said.  How does one live by faith alone?  and is this easy to do?

However you answer that question is what will determine your reality.   For whatever you believe, is what will shape your experiences.  But to live by faith alone, means a transition from logical reasoning of the mind to thoughts and feelings from the heart, from your spirit, from God.

I think this is based on the intention you have at the time you make the decision.  If you have had it and are ready for a complete change, I believe you can feel a change instantly as you pray, meditate, visualize or put out into the universe your change.

However, the habit to maintain this with human experiences, obstacles and life hiccups creates a need for a discipline to identify fear based thoughts on small scales with decision making to ensure a life of faith, rewards and abundance.

One technique that I have been practicing daily is the art of visualization.  Visualization is when you replace the repeated patterned thoughts that existed with thoughts and ideals of the things you want in your life.

See when the mind gets a hold of changes and transitions, the first logical thing is whooo whoo lets move back, this isn’t comfortable, lets ANALYZE this, lets not make a decision to quick, what about these list of negative outcomes, can you afford to do this, but what if? …..and the list goes on with self limiting thoughts.  Inevitably paralyzing one from moving forward.  Resulting in complacency.

This can be with career, relationships, having a family, making a new purchase, growing in your faith and/or losing/gaining weight.

However, that soft voice that guides you when you least expect it.  The one that gives peace, soft direction is one that here to bring you to your goal and help you through UNCOMFORT ZONE.

This is how visualizations, mantra’s, meditations and prayer helps you.  They help you raise your vibrations and energy levels to make this soft voice stronger.  Essentially growing your voice and trust in faith.

To maintain strong after the decision has been made as you go through life experiences and to stay in the now, one must develop a strong inner voice by doing daily practices to be connected with spirit.  By knowing and having a personal relationship, one frees themselves.  Not just from the mind, but societal programming and allows their true selves to manifest in a unique way to one person.

See the mind, will tell you that is too easy, its not possible.  Already, it is interfering.  Reach past your zone of uncomfort and move to walk by faith.  Just as a baby learns raise its head to taking its first step. So must we learn to walk by faith.

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