The War Inside

The genesis of life is what will fulfill all to a peace that is unknown to man at this time.  We all know what we need now, but we all fall short of achieving this miracle.  Life is short in the physical form.

But energetically we live on beyond our time.  

To know this fulfillment is to be in the greater plan.

Love and connecting with people is for us all.  It is here to unite and build real relationships.  Helping one another in a form of multitude that is much greater than what all have ever aspired to do.
War and crime are stemmed from all that is not love.  Life is not meant for such turmoil and separation.  Incest and killing, defamation and brutality are all other elements of the hatred bred from within many that cause the disruption among men.
All is not lost.  But all must not be categorized as all.  For there are separations, varied scales that have been made from the changes in experience from one person to another.  To understand on a small scale and help your brother and sister as one is what will gain.  This is what will gain momentum and create a greater stability with love for all mankind.
We must know us from within.  I must understand I from within.  From within each soul is where the true connections will derive.  This true connection with the universal force, love will break the taught fears, insecurities, self hatred, doubts and illness that have grown within. 
This will be the revelation for the new beginnings.  The right connections from the internal life forces placed within our bodies. 
Right now we experience an external and internal war of the mind.  People are fighting the truth from taught beliefs.  Hurt, violence and much more cyclical pain is being thrown from one generation to the next.  A genocide of the human race.  Extinguishing all that is good and pure for a complete loss of souls to control. 
It is time it ends.  What you feel from within, that is good, allow that to run free.  Allow that to be.  That is you.  We must end this trilogy, this genocide that has propelled into great forces over the centuries.  We must take back what is ours.  Learn to accept the differences and understand the truths.  Life and love is what is a must to have true growth.
We do this by within ourselves, understanding what we receive in life is what we put out.  Secondly, we make changes and do better.  We want better, we do better.  Life cannot be onesided and friendships or relationships are like a bank.  You cannot withdraw what you have not put in.
Here’s the lesson….

Be the person that you want in return.  Treat people with acts of kindness.  Do this by seeing that in your life as much as their is wrong, their is 10 folds right.  By starting with the simplest things, your eye sight and working your way up and around you will find the free joys of life that have been given to you.  

Life is wondrous and your problems are truly one strand of hair as opposed to the full head of delight and happiness around you.  Embrace the joy, love and what is here for we all truly deserve just that.  
Our outlook decides everything, for happiness is a choice.  Be not reactive to what the weather may be or other sources for determination of your mood. But be in control of what is within you.  Your emotions, your love, your anger, sadness, likeness to things in your life.  
We can make a change and end this war within and the war on the outside.  By simply making this change one at a time on a global level.  As each person changes and takes steps to the good, the multiplier effect will in essence change the world. 
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