The Warrior In You Wants To Emerge

No one but you is responsible for your happiness. The thing that is keeping you, is the fear of failure. The worry of how someone will think of you and how you make that decision. Its time to take your power back and to leave the doubts, the fear of making mistakes that limit you from your potential to move forward.

Take Action

Risk being wrong, break past the clutter of your mind and start to enjoy your journey.

The more you find yourself pausing, the more you get indicators that its time for a true shift. What I’ve found past the affirmations, motivational tapes is the energetics behind watching your thoughts and not being a slave to your mind.

Many quit before the return comes in. Often taking too many things on, focusing on the outcome, comparing to others and their level of success.

When you find yourself doing this, know that you have lost connection from that warrior in you. That inner God/Goddess that knows what your highest exacting standards are. The one that will not settle for less and will fight to the end to achieve just that.

The disconnect with the spiritual being, your warrior speaks as your inner voice. When you ignore it, your light within best known as intuition has been dimmed. The more it dims, the more you fade and feel at the disparity of others, comparing your outcomes, diffusing your efforts, doubting your talents. In the end to feeling of being lost.

Relighting That Fire

Simple steps to get yourself back in is to pause. Pause to breathe deep breaths. Go out in nature to shift gears to be present in the moment and allow yourself to reconnect. When you do this, it resets you. Gets you back into the body, sending signals to shift your thinking.

This shift is needed to allow this warrior to emerge and take action, Not give in to defeat or give up on your calling. Allow your warrior to take charge. Fight for what you want. That inner balance of your masculine and feminine energy to allow and take action in divine timing.

For this is key. Know, more than anything, even if you don’t believe it, you do have a purpose and it is your destiny to be great.

It’s time to pull your INNER WARRIOR OUT, evolve and ignite.


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