Things are only skin deep

We talk about love and the energy within, but yet we have people that are just functioning. As a result, the earth has been losing so much energy with our wastes and lack of humanity.  We in essence have forgotten our ways of servitude for this planet, the animals and all that inhibit this natural earth.

As beings, we are here to protect what has been given to us and instead it has been lost. Displeasing to see what has been done, but there has been an internal destruction to the beings of this planet.   Spiritually, the people are disconnected. We move cohesively, or function independently as our experiences has granted, but below there is something different.

The people have lost their connections to their inner guide and have no form of relationship with the spirit.  This is a great loss for humanity.  Masters have been sent to teach about this light and the spirit, but all messages are being lost with the times.   The turmoil within, has been dimming this light feverishly as the earth moves faster in time.  

Time and space are irrelevant with the spirit world.  We move quickly and are omnipotent. Life as humanity is lateral.  They are faced to look at things as taught in a narrow perspective.  The teachings of the ancestors are right here and yet, they allow blockages to continue to absorb their lives.  These blockages in their energy, create stress.  This stress creates health problems and break down the body.   Life as we know it becomes desolate.

Anger and hatred builds, frustration and stress irrigate through the population as the new found disease.  A disease of the mind and the spirit.  The mind….the mind.  Yes, the population has become a slave to this. It has been the growing epidemic for centuries and now is at its outbreak.   

The tree of life and knowledge is what has broken us into the earthly realm, taking us away from spirit.  This thirst for knowledge and order, control and structure has bounded this race into a turmoil that perpetuates a movement that has been unstoppable.  Each time taking away the true teachings to live a happy and secure life.   The secrets are within.  The life that is needed to breathe comes from within.  The energy sources to rest and rejuvenate are given freely by the source, but yet lost with this thought of knowledge given through the control systems.  
Breaking away, cutting ties from all that serve this world is the true way and light to find yourself.  The true light to go within.  You and only you must do this.  As you were born is as you must walk and as you must exit this world.  At self.  Parables are ways for the thinking and feeling to be made.  Careful, not to be a slave to this thinking, but to open inside freely to embrace the messages that were given.   Simplicity is key, but yet the mind allows this race to overindulge in thoughts.  Create what is not existent and manifest what is not needed. 
The belief of simplicity is at a loss.  People create complex structures to receive what has been given in a pure form.  Taking what was given by the source and creator, creating a complex structure to give back something simple that did the same as something else.   Your products, your medicines are all ways that have recreated what has been created.  It is time to review the structures, the animals, the plants, vegetation, energy and life that is given unto you.   These sources are here for your well being, your preservation and sustenance to this form of living.  
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