True Love, Does it Still Exist?

I say yes,  its the barriers within us that need to be broken.  I define true love as a love designed by God and one that is unconditional.  One where a person actually loves the other person for who they are.  One where there is a true connection where the parts make a whole.

Unfortunately we hear the words true love and we think of some whimsical story tale kind of love that seems unrealistic.  Relationships now are built on something where two people are not whole and desire each other for self gain, dependency or false reasons.  The purpose here is to find that internal desire and be ready to fulfill God’s plan.

This has been a challenge for me to write, because I know in my heart it does exist and not in a fairy tale kind of way.  But in a way that not only completes us but gives a road to purpose.  A plan that brings forth positive energy, healing and love because these energies are united.  To find this, one must do a lot of soul searching, healing, praying, meditation, forgiving and giving to break the barriers within themselves to find this rare love that is given to each of us at birth.

What I have found is that society has done a great job of raising us in cross beliefs, depending on the mind and losing sight of the true desires of the spirit.  So many women and men have lost the idea of this.  They seek each other for self gains, a need, financials or for help to get through their time.  They put blocks up in their life to not open up, release past pains, forgive or allow themselves the chance to have true love.

The cycle must be broken.  Peace, love and true meaning relationships must be restored.

When I was married, although there were many trials that eventually resulted in an end, one thing that I know is that he was a good provider.  There may have been many other flaws between the two of us, but what I learned through that was that provisions with financial security was not the road to happiness.

It took that separation and time to myself to seek and find a strong meaningful relationship with God and a beautiful one with myself.  Single life has not been easy and the road as an entrepreneur has taught me how to persevere.

For me, journaling has helped me throughout the years.  To identify insecurities, come to terms with failures and learning to allow things to happen again because  putting away fear is not an easy thing.  It can be very painful, lonely, surprising, blissful and insightful all in one.  Or maybe in parts…lol.  But the rewards are beautiful.

Through it I have found God and know more than anything that he is first.  That the desire to be held, wanted and not left alone can leave you.  That you can be strong, vulnerable, loving and caring to yourself.  Trusting what guides you on the inside and embracing through the turbulent times.  This trust and truth from within creates a true foundation and security within oneself.

By becoming a strong whole person and doing just as Adam did, being one with oneself a person has the chance to actually find love.  For how can someone love you, if you do not indeed love yourself?  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  Looking for a person in your life for anything else robs you of something great  — Peace and Happiness.

Find these things within, and begin the healing process to find true love for that you give yourself first to find that lasting partnership, friendship and love that can weather storms and last through a lifetime.  I still believe and am in search of just that, at least till it finds me.

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