True story – Love teaching through a childs eyes

True Story.  I was out at the beach with my children and we played and rested together in the sand in the water.  At one point I was laying down and my nine year old came over started placing sand in my hand.  She continued until my hand was full.  I looked up and said, “that is all negativity.  If that is all is negativity and troubles, can one hold anymore?” she replied “no”.

As she said that, she smiled and said “yes Mom, I can give it hope.” As she said this she placed a stone in my hand.  I smiled in return and acknowledged yes that is true, but look what happened.  She looked as the sand left my hand.  As this happened, she went around and grabbed more stones and shells.    For each one she placed in my hand, she gave a name.  Hope, Happy, Smile, Faith, Joy, etc….  Each time more and more sand slipped from my hand.

When we were down to a little I asked what if we put water in as Love.  She smiled then said “hmmm” and smirked and replied “Well if it is only a little bit then everything will only turn to mud, but if you fill it up with love, you will wash all the troubles away.”

Words from babes.  As a parent, you want to know that you are doing the right thing.  Teaching and preparing your children for the future and not one of just this life but spiritually and emotionally also.  It was good to see that her thought process is in tune.  Although it is still growing, I am glad it is on the right path. Keep on teaching the future of tomorrow the importance of love and the simplicity of happiness today.  For we are not just teaching the youth, but building the future.

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