Trusting From Within The Spiritual Growth Process

Inside we are given such a gift of synchronicity and trust that it saddens me to know how much this is taken from us with societal norms and taught ways to live.  This gift to trust what is around us, embrace the now and know that what is right, is right within us.

So much has been taught based on judgement that we are not right.  We are not good enough and what is felt inside is not true.  Its not true.  How can this be?

Well with watered down teachings and levels of control made to take away individual freedom this is what has happened to our society.  As of now, no not all are equipped to trust their inner being.  They have lost the discernment and have not been taught the truth as it was given.

What has been taught are slighted versions based on culture.  So based on culture and regional upbringing, groups of people share a belief of what is true.  What is true meaning, what is right to live as a human, how to function in this world daily, religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs and much more.

Although very much  there is truth in this taught perception.  There are many things left out or taught to dismiss.  The teaching to dismiss is what takes away from your freedom to trust, understand and believe.

We are in a day and age that is like no other in time or history.  Take a reflective moment and embrace that 100 years ago today what life was like.  Even more powerful, how this big change gained the level of power that is in our hands to connect with others and access information.

Information that has been divided through centuries and now has come together in little hubs for you to gain access to in a fraction of a second.  But yet and still, the information must publicized is on a television and designed to detour and shape our thinking.  Shape our youth.

To reach from this is a choice.  A choice to want something better in life as an individual.  To remove the disconnect and confusion from the inner being is to trust again what is within.  To trust within, we must learn and unlearn processes taught to find the inner being.

This is why there is so much movement with meditation, yoga and other methodology to connect and see past the myths.  The people that sought out peace and enlightenment, just as yourself had seeked knowledge and disciplines to make reach this desired goal.  These are things that were not taught from birth in many cultures.  These are practices that have been watered down or omitted through the centuries.  They are practices that are needed for true inward development.

Trusting a higher power, a greater good and/or the positive light from within is a rarity.  As a result, there has been a high rate of inflicted pain that brings itself in nasty forms in various heads.  These heads as I speak, can range from anything.  Hate, Abuse, Divorce, Rape, Violent Acts, Lies, Deceit, Revenge, Disgust, Murder, Torture, Robbery, Injustice and so on and so forth.

These are things prevalent in the news.  Prevalent in society and are straight results from disconnects with the spiritual light.  Lost of trust from within, created conflict.  Taught behavior brought on fear.  Fear lead to much negativity that was in effect a breading ground for the huge amount of negative behavior we see today.

To change this takes time and takes time from within.  To learn to love.  To understand emotions and to manage them effectively.  All things that were not taught in today’s society.  Instead a dogmatic approach to how a human should be based on gender classes.  Resulting in an internal fight for what is acceptable as my role in this society.

As a crossroads, the balance is lost between the two worlds. Male and Female.  Yin and Yang.  Misunderstandings and lost hope.  To recover from this, the practices that are being taught must be integrated, learned and understood with what truly is.  Once this is learned and understood, the process of  internalization and to be one from within.  To learn to let go, discern what is right for you and be one with the here and now.

It sounds hard.  It seems so afar.  But you are you and all of the power is really within.  The decision for you or I is really a decision from within.  A true want.  A true belief that the change is indeed true.

This is through TRUST.  Trusting what is in your belief.

There is no complicated science to this.  Just a trust from within you.  What feels right.  What gives a happy feeling or tickle to your soul.  To unlearn certain processes and remove experiences, we are here to share and from each other learn.  So techniques are here to help regain the balance that is sought.

Techniques that with our technology and levels of connectivity bridges the gap of confusion and gives answers to hope.  An opportunity to prosper in happiness that results in many many rewards.

So trust what is within and ask for the power to know what is truly right.  Feel for the positive energy that makes you smile, feel good and stay there.  Embrace it by sitting still with it, without a thought.  Get to know how this feels for you.  This will be the baseline for your growth to get stronger as you discern what is right, whether the internal message received is positive or negative.

When you know this, trust this and believe in you.

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