Trusting Your Intuition Will Never Be Wrong

Trusting your intuition is something that will never fail you.  It’s what guides you and keeps you from harm.  So many times with matters, I have found that when I did not listen to that inner guide that things became muddled and confusion ran dormant.

Worst is if I leaned on friends or family for messages that were not clear to me.  The fight between worlds and coming into my own to listen to my inner guide, my spirit was one that cleaned house in relationships and gave me a greater understanding of life, relationships and success.

I would regret and at times, look into my life being hard on myself for the mistakes made.  But my guides and God has had ways to show me the light.  The inner truth, where every time there was confusion, what my initial feeling was before I made the decision that took me down the wrong path.
I learned through these reflections how to identify with my spirit and more important trust my intuition.

See, the process of moving from this world to understanding the inner world is a challenge.  One will make mistakes listening to and taking advice from people that will only lead to more confusion.  The more I assist people, I realize and see how much I am not alone in that walk.  We have been conditioned to listen and believe what is in plain sight.  To trust what a voice tells us versus, the beautiful one inside of us.  There was a time, I would feel bad and question myself more, but after helping so many folks, I understand why I went through these things was a part of the process.

I remember as I started my walk, I wanted to take everyone in my life with me and share as I go along.  Which I did.  However, part of the lesson learned was that one can not change another.  More importantly, things WILL change and this is a part of the process.  So have faith, stay strong as you go through and know that those people will be in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

The experience through it all is one that is priceless and one that will not be taken away from you.

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