How The Truth Will Set You Free

Stop fearing to say what is truth.  You are your own right.  The efforts you have are placed within you.

Your time, your dedication, consistent effort are all for you.  Not done in vein.  Hold your head up high, not to boast nor out reign.

But to know at a deeper level that all things are possible.  Do not diminish your own light to make others feel brighter.

Allow all lights to shine.  Manifest greatness and be one with the Universe, the greater network to save mankind.  Be your own bright star.  Your galactic energy.  Manifest great ideas and rewards and believe in the process.

Give your memory strength.  Do not lower down.  Do not accept defeat, but magnify great possibilities, opportunities and access them.  Bring things to you with your mind.


Think and bring, think and believe.  Think and create, for your heart is in control.  Allow your thoughts to prosper from here.

See.  Believe. Imagine.  Create.

Creative in your thoughts and accessing all from within.

Just believe and trust.

Go past feelings of anxiety, when given insight about your path, do not hesitate or waver back and forth to follow the feelings of anxiety.  But trust instead.  Ground yourself and believe in great things for the power is within you.

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