Understanding Dreams, Spirit Animals & Guides

Dreams have a way of giving us insight into our daily lives.  At times, they are an experience in another reality as well as a forecast of the future.  The challenge is waking and interpreting the experiences.

Pay Attention to the Symbolisms

If you are lucid dreaming, pay attention to the feelings you have towards certain objects, animals or occurrences in the dream.  The feeling you receive is your alert to pay attention. With lucid dreaming, you have the power to control what can happen next.  Most often, the symbolisms give you insight into what is going on in your waking life.

For other dreams, the key is when waking to recall what left an impact on you.  For instance, the other night I had a dream that I was in my bed sleeping.  As I was, a tiger jumped up on my bed and his face came right up to mine.  The symbolism here was the Tiger.  He was very big and intriguing.  I woke in the dream and our eyes and heads met.  Soon after he turned his back and rested himself in a protective stance and laid down on my bed at the foot.

The feeling given in this was real, as though it was happening.  The feeling gave me discernment on the type of dream I was having. It was part lucid, but the following gave me insight:

  1. The presence of the tiger 
  2. His behavior
  3. How I felt towards him 

All let me know he was a guide.  It was a message for a prayer that I had sent. His symbolism gave me the direct insight and clarity that I needed from my prayer.  It was upon reflection and meditation that I found the answers and came to one with my higher self.

Now to understand guides and spirit animals is to accept that we are all being connected to one source.  If we look back in time, we find that Shamans, Medicine Men and many more looked to nature for herbal remedies and had a profound connection with nature and animals.   As well as in the bible, many stories included where an animal assisted with carrying out a plan.  To accept this is to accept that your prayers are being answered, it is just up to us to be in the NOW to receive the messages.

I say this for, I remember the first time I wanted to connect with an Angel/Guide,  I felt disappointed for  I saw a wolf.  I knew I experienced something, for the whole experience was not like a movie reel or standard dream, but one with great feeling with life.  He looked right at me, very big and bowed his head as we stood together. The moment was so profound that it has stayed with me.  Little did I know that I had received my answer. It was here I learned about spirit animals.

These guides assist you with a meaning and an answer to what is going on in your life.  Much of their answers are as they are in the real life.  How they move, where they live, their temperament and so much more.

The key to understanding your dreams is how you feel.  This gives you discernment on a dream versus a message.  Look within to see around you how this applies.  From here, get to know your guide and understand how to handle the situation in your waking life.

Many times, there are decisions that need to be made and the fear of change overrides to keep up comfortable.  A profound answer from your guide will give you confirmation that it is okay to proceed, but it is up to you to make the decision.

So before you go to sleep:

  1. Speak what you want clarity on in your life
  2. Be attentive to the answers you receive.  

Even the smallest detail may give you the insight that you have been seeking to unlock you into something greater.  So dream well, receive your messages and take notes to reflect on later. It will strengthen your understanding.

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