Understanding the Shifts and How to Cope

Right now there has been a number of shifts that have been occurring since 2016 has begun.  First we started with Mercury Retrograde, that alone had created communication issues, as well as challenges with technology.  As that was coming to an end, the third weekend in January, those sharply attuned most likely experienced increase fatigue, headaches and other physical changes as they were downloaded more information.  This download worked in conjunction with the full moon and for many that did not resist this, were able to raise their vibration.

With this, many of us are undergoing emotional releases as the heart chakra is being worked on.  It is essential to move into higher frequencies that we allow and let go as we go through this flow.  Fighting this by forcing into work projects, sleep or other daily functions pushes you away from the natural order.  As a result, negative emotions and then blocks can become prominent in your life.

The Message being received is:

Its time for all to know that the shift has begun and for all to be aware.  That as they are guided through the light, they will experience great shifts in the memory, friendships, diet and personal habits.  These are all normal.  The energy may give great insight into new ideas.  For those, embrace it.  It is your time to cultivate.

For others, there will be emotional releases that need and must be cleared.  This is important for transitioning into the next level.  It is only here one can truly embrace the trueness within them.  Learning from sensitive points the negatives and dark places that are shown dynamically through reflections of the environment around.

Be not dispaired.  For this is to enlighten and strengthen you.  These terms of dark and negative have had a profound downward affect for humanity.  Where it is here one unites with the good to balance with the polar opposite.  Use this energy to not just balance, but to bring forth great energy to manifest even greater.

Allow.  It is okay, for these moments of sadness are not long.  They are whats needed to fulfill your healing into the next step.  Journal or write things to assist.  Meditate and take walks to reflect.  Connect with nature to rejuvenate.

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