Your Spiritual Awakening Simplified


Employ a blend of ancient and modern healing modalities practiced globally to help retrain your brain to align with your pure potential. In short, this membership will help you get unstuck and access all the power and confidence you had before any particles of dust settled on your brilliant diamond. You were born to thrive.

Gain the universal insight on how to do the work within. Break past anxiety, mindset issues and emotional trauma as you embark your spiritual awakening.  

Improve Your Overall Wellness as you get into action in a simplified way for health and balance.

Access The Growing Library

Giving you all the nuggets to why and answer your how, so you can take the power back in your hands.

This all exclusive membership is the ultimate bundle for the spiritual seekers that want real transformation in their lives. Develop your intuitive mind so that it becomes your favorite super power and be In The Know Now. This isn't a meditation practice, these are life skills. 

What To Expect

Access the Growing Library with 3 Weekly Guided LIVE Meditations and 1 Q&A.  You’ll leave our zooms as though you’ve just exited an intergalactic portal that transcended time and space. You’ll feel empowered and inspired, have a greater understanding of it all, feel a bit brighter, lighter, more clear, focused and confident!

The Community

A portal to connect with like minds to discuss your spiritual experiences, get questions answered and not feel alone on your journey.  Access 24/7 days a week.

Just $67 per Month

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