Learn How To Breakthrough to feel more confident.

Gain the universal insight on how to do the work within. Break past anxiety, mindset issues, emotional trauma has had its cycle and it’s time for it to go.  Master yourself with these proven methods to help you find the truth and trust your intuition.  Start KNOWING with certainty the right choices by breaking the illusion that has created this loop and negative energy in your life.


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Quieting your mind to get peace is easier than you think.

It’s no secret that meditation is a powerful way to elevate your mood, boost your thinking and bring you to a place of rest.  It is one of the most powerful tools you can use at anytime to change your state and ultimately your outcome. 

But how do you make this apart of you and actually feel the benefits?

And how do you clear mind from the many thoughts to get relaxed?

And get in tune with with your inner being to get the right guidance?

I get it….the struggle is real!

Not to mention that you probably already have 142 other things on your to-do list.  

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to:

Universal Love Membership


This all exclusive membership is the ultimate bundle for the spiritual seekers that want real transformation in their lives.  You want authentic, easy to implement tasks to ignite self healing and personal development.

Inside you will find monthly modules filled with videos and worksheets, Meditations, Affirmations for you to take charge and start doing the work from the inside out.  This growing library will give you all the nuggets to why and answer your how, so you can take the power back in your hands.

Total Value - Over $1,200

What People Are Saying

Break past mindset issues, release the past trauma's that hold you back to unleash your best self.

Our powerful programs and meditations are the spiritual tools you need to have a breakthrough and start taking action on the things important to you.  You need to connect with your divine self and master the oneness to attract what you want in your life TODAY.

The choice is yours. 


3 Ways to Join

OPTION #1: The first is for those that like to do it alone, join the community gain access to all the hidden gem and start unlocking their gifts, stop their triggers to activate their inner genius.  This is in our Intro package and you get access to the growing library for that individual learning.  

OPTION #2:  Go full on, you get access to all the modules and the growing library.  PLUS you gain access to me LIVE for 3 Weekly Meditations and 1 Q&A. This includes those powerful healing meditations where you learn to self heal.  This is the power move to break the cycle for you are connecting with the live meditations that include your personal blocks. 

Your Search for Connection Ends Here.

Gain access to our private network.
Access 24/7 anytime. any place.

Exclusive to all members, a private space to connect with like minds. We Provide Everything You Need For Your Spiritual Journey In One Convenient Place You’ll Love.

Here's a Peek at What's Inside:

With these powerful videos, get the nuts and bolts you need to get into alignment and start manifesting the good stuff. Access printable worksheets, audios in simple weekly lessons to keep you on track.

Powerful infused meditations with breath work to take you to another plane. When immersed in these live meditations, you will feel a shift. Leveling you up to where you want to be. Aligning you to your souls calling and igniting you to manifest the life you want, today.

The masterminds with Keshia gets you that 1:1 opportunity to answer your questions. Here we chat on the syncronicities, energy shifts and the how-to's of tapping in. Connect with your peers and align with your soul family to emerge and build businesses in your purpose.

Go Annual & Save, PLUS!

You'll Get These Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Affirmation Meditation !

Get motivated to act, concentrate on your goals and change the negative thought patterns with this powerful meditation. This meditation will influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs.

Bonus #2: Vibrational Healing Cards!

Amplify your connection with spirit, create harmony within yourself with these sacred codes. Break the mindset issues and emotional trauma with these powerful symbols.

Bonus #3: Copy of Book OPEN !

Learn about the nature of the Divine from it and, how our relationship to what we define as God has evolved throughout time.