Unlocking Your Creativity

Be fluid. Expand past the norm and move freely.

Is not just about being able to draw, writing as a poet or singing a musical tune, but being able to move freely with thoughts, ideas and motivations.   Its so easy to be placed back in a box and lose sight of what is clear ahead of you.  We all experience these dulling moments and getting out of them can be a pain.

Sometimes, you just have to switch gears and do something completely different to generate the movement, fluidity of thought and creation of ideas to move forward.   Giving yourself  a fresh pair of eyes on whatever you are stuck on.

So try it.  Unlock your potential by moving different today.  Embracing silence, changing music, taking a different route home from work or even having a different meal.  Change your energy and remember you are in charge.  Find your vibe and unlock.

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