Water and Healing

Reading the bible this morning back at Genesis and read something profound. I’ve read this before, but something stuck out this time. The firmament was created from the water and then called Heaven. So if Heaven is created from the waters, then is there healing power in the water?

We can build into that by using water as a way to grow closer to God.  Also our bodies are made up of  approximately 60% of water. Interesting.  Makes me wonder how deep our seas really flow. The mystery beneath and how much transports through the waters.  How high of an energy does water really have?

A safe haven for me has been the beach.  The beach and its natural healing has all the elements – Sea (water), Sun (light), land (root), wind (flow).  A natural understanding for why I seek refuge there and strengthen my energies.  There is something powerful in all sources there.

The intelligent life forms the free flow of the water,  Jesus walking on the water and Baptism in the water are all stories that have exemplified the power in this element.  Even our lives, our bodies cannot sustain without water.   Just as we cannot sustain without God.  Without our parts of heaven, God cannot live within us, where there is no heaven.

God is love.  So is love in water? Heaven came from the firmaments of the sea.  Is the healing through water love?  So as you see water in a dream state, the cleanliness is as symbolic to the love and its purity within you.  This is significant, since as we dream, our minds are more open and prevent the “barriers” that project in an awake state.  Another clear way that we receive messages from God and our divinity.

So just like the water, we too can flow.  Flow.  We should flow like the seas, move with our hearts through love.  Our minds are like a dam.  Thoughts that arise, analyzing from the heart and creating blockages.

Blockages that prevent God from moving through us.  Profound as I read and enlightened my soul…So we must drink water and feed our souls with the word to allow  a continuous flow.  Like the animals or forms of life that live in the water, we must be free too.

Know this presence, connect through the water, land, sun and wind.  Encompass all of his energies and let things flow through like the sea.  Heaven.  Now and only then, is it within us fully where God can be in you.  So in essence the healing and power is within the water.  

To go further with this, I learned and read a study that Dr.  Masaru Emoto did with water crystals and emotions.  The findings were great.  I encourage you to watch this video and think with me on some of the thoughts that came to me with reading a few verses.

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