Ways to Improve Your Goal Setting

Lets talk business.  Whether you are an entrepreneur or are contemplating a start to your own business, goal setting is a must to achieve your goals.  One of the most common reasons people begin a life of entrepreneurship is for financial freedom.

With this freedom, includes an ideal perception of having more time with family and the ability to do more with earned capital.  The challenge why so many businesses fail is not necessarily lack of planning, but  the balancing of.

Ways to improve the goal setting process is to allot time for the different departments that you must manage.  I find the best way is to think of it as a two scale concept, where one side is revenue and the other is expenses.

As a business owner and setting up, the focus for having things readily available and being prepared and not wanting to fail allows this scale to tip and have the focus shift on what is needed more.  As a result, the side of expenses carries a toll heavier than the revenue.

Ways to increase the revenue is by working your numbers out then back in.  Meaning look at your big picture what you ultimately want to achieve and then decide when you want to reach this.
When is a valuable time component.  This number decides the annual,then monthly, weekly down to daily goal.

By simplifying the numbers, you can have more reasonable numbers to work with your current resources.  From here you may adjust goal amount or time limits to ensure a realistic achievement. It is here you establish sales/marketing methods to best obtain these goals.

Now, on the other side is your focus.  What is essential with any growth and unlocking is an internal process of bringing things to you.  See whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve as stated by the late Napolean Hill.  So we see in the goal setting process that an idea has already been conceived and written out.  But is there belief, a true belief it will achieve it?

belief there are limits stops the growth

That is the question.  See for the results you will obtain will be based on this belief and level of focus.  For as take time to unlock any doubts and blocks within you, so does your focus grow as a tree.  As it grows, you then become a magnet to the things that are necessary with obtaining that goal.

This can be people, resources or things essential to your growth.  See the secret to success lies within you as much as the results of your failures.  For we are, what we attract.  This focus does not mean you are free from mistakes or failures.  Hey, you may enter more, but this is how you grow.

When working towards the goal, you are transitioning like a caterpillar to a butterfly into something greater.  To do this true change, a level of focus within you and the team that you lead must exist.  This focus must be like a laser.  Very in tune to the mark with not a sway deviating from.  Doubts and fears cannot live long in the tumbles forward, for the sway will be made and deviate you and/or the team from the goal wish to attain.

So meditate on how you want the whole picture.  What the resources you will need, the kind of customers you wish to attain, the kind of employees you want with you.  By having a Clear Mental Picture of what you wish to attain, you begin the laws of attraction into your life by receiving what you are asking for.

Write them down and believe that you will have.  Do this frequently with reading and believing so your goals are clear to a focus as each obstacle arrives, so you can make the right change as needed.

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