We are what we eat

I talk about change a lot and how to adapt and become better.  Another important discipline for effective growth on all levels is your diet.  What we consume becomes apart of us.  Like that old saying,  we are what we eat.  But how exactly?

The answer is, Energetically. As Sir Isaac Newton said “energy is Never lost,  but merely transferred.”
But what exactly does this mean? More importantly, what does it mean to us?   What the animal may be feeling or when farmed, the form of depression or negative energy they are carrying.  Energetically, if energy s merely transferred, what exactly are we transferring into our bodies?  Think about it.  How many times have you eaten something and felt horrible for more reasons than one.  

When you think of it on these terms, it makes sense. We already understand hormones, injections and other things that are placed into foods and their mal effects on us, but understanding the treatment of the animal and what they felt after these consumptions is another ballgame.  Then as consumers we are digesting all of these things and then in effect carrying the excess luggage within us.

In addition to the animals, there are far more chemicals and things being placed in our fruit and vegetables.  The amount of food that is needed to be produced to sustain a population has increased heavily and has forced the industries to produce more and with doing that, creating scientific methods to recreate fruits and vegetables out of season.  The are producing to meet a demand.

In essence, our need for now and wanting things in an impatient way as created in this society has propelled industries to create more and more byproducts that in essence are tearing our bodies down.  Or are we evolving and changing our DNA from these chemical additions in our food?

This is a topic that is important and plan to touch on as I blog.  But I wanted to start building the awareness.  We know we must watch our diet, most for weight and health reasons.  But how far deep are these health reasons and energetically how much does this affect us?

How quickly are we to be depressed, unbalanced, happy after eating certain items?  By being attentive to this and where you shop is the starting process to uncovering the truths to why and how you are in your way of thinking outside of other components. For now, continue reading labels, knowing your body,shopping wisely, washing fruits and vegetables correctly. This will be the first steps of many to begin a better lifestyle from the inside out.  

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