What are Chakra’s?


Balance is essential with being productive, having a peace of mind and being conducive through your normal day to day life.  Outside of eating the right foods and exercising, what I have found to be most beneficial is balancing my inner energy – my Chakras.  Chakra’s also pronounced Chuk-ras from the traditional san scripts was derived from Eastern Cultures.

Chakra’s are energy sources within the body that are directly associated with organs within your body.  There are 7 within the body that we can start with.  As we go deeper, we will learn more. These seven Chakra’s are linked  with organs not only have related functions but are linked with a specified color to meditate with and balance that energy source.  Here are the Chakra’s and what they are responsible for:


 sources are aligned down the middle of body along with spine



  • Crown  (on top of your head)
  • Brow  (in between eye brows)
  • Throat
  • Heart (center of chest)
  • Navel  (aka “belly button”)
  • Sacral  (pelvic area)
  • Root (lower lumbar)

The importance of balancing this not only promotes health for a better physical body but also spiritually and emotionally.  For when one chakra is unbalanced it creates a block in the flow of energy source through your body.

By removing blockages in the flow we allow the energy to flow smoothly through your body and giving each organ the vitality that is needed to have a balanced lifestyle.


Part of me seeking truth, was to find understanding with what I had learned here in the Western Cultures (US) with that of the Eastern Cultures.  With my findings, I learned about Chakra’s, Meditation and Yogic Practices.  Chakra’s are energy sources within your body that controls not just vital organs but how your energy is dispersed in areas of your life.   Through Meditation and Yogic Practices you can balance and center your energy sources within your body.

When unbalanced a person may be left to feel under or over in aspect areas of their life.  When balanced a person has a strong foundation and can move through their day freely.

So, How to Balance Your Chakra’s

The best way to balance any or all of the chakra’s is to meditate on the color.  By initially quieting your mind and taking long deep breaths, you allow your body to slow down and center itself.  You also allow a good flow of oxygen to flow through your body touching the heart, lungs and mind.   After about 3-5 breaths, start from the crown and work your way down.

You do this by selecting the associated color and focus on an object of that color, lets use a lotus flower and visualize it turning counter clockwise.  The more quiet your mind is  and free from external thought the better results you will have.

If you do each one for about 2 minutes as a beginner you should notice a change or feel a lift of some sort.  This balancing is good for as long as you stay happy and/or centered.  In some aspects of your life you will need to do this a few times throughout your week, maybe day.   Taking 5 to 10 minutes out to do just that, you will find to be quite beneficial not just to your health, but also your lifestyle.

How this blends with the Western Culture, is the dynamics with the organs, science and how the body functions.  But putting the two worlds together, we understand the synthesis for the acts of Meditation and Yoga.  We also allow ourselves to connect the dots with our own understandings and remove the disconnect.


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