What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of letting go of your old life and becoming your new one.  With this process, we each  go through a range of changes that affect our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies.  It is the transformation of a true spiritual evolution.
As we transform, each body evolves and has experiences that do not have logical bearing in the old paradigm, but makes logical sense in the new.  The key with these transformations is becoming mind, body and spirit aware.
This is why the key is with:

  • slowing down
  • meditation
  • watching breath
  • eating right
  • yoga/fitness

All these play an integral part with you learning your new energetic body.  It assists with the evolution for one to actually let go of the old thought patterns, ways of beings, friends, music and much more.
Ascension is not a new age term, but a term that defines a true and real change in being human.  Since the beginning of time, we have been evolving.  With this evolution, our DNA has changed and graduated to the energies that are around us.
It is now, that the energies are removing the veil and allowing us to move into a new level of consciousness.  The “Ego Mind” will allow one to feel they are super human.  A feeling of superiority over others that are still closed.
This is a phase.  A phase that we each go through for we are at a point of realization.  But this too, must be shed.  It must be released to truly evolve into a higher being.  One that resonates with a vibration of love.

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