What Is Love

Love is a beautiful thing that is flowed between everything and all things.  So many times, people only use the word “love” when describing an intimate relationship.  They forget about the simple things that come into their life like peace, serenity, laughter and to say or acknowledge that this is love.  Or forcing love into a category, “i love my kids”, “I love you like a friend” or putting it as something different than love for a partner/intimacy.  

Love is God.  God is Love.  
When we remove the teachings of society and feel, know, understand and trust God you open yourself to something beautiful. The challenge with our societies teachings is, it forces us to focus on receiving love from someone else.  So to feel better, the idea taught is that you need to receive this love from someone.  This is not true.  The need.  Love comes from within, with God. Learn to trust his teachings your own inner voice and you will find love the way it is truly intended and it will flow through you the way he intended. Learn to love all things and you will find the peace you seek. 
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