How To Connect With God To Receive The Messages

How To Connect To God To Hear The Message

A good question that has come upon me, as I was working through my flow today.  The question for some that presents itself most often when (1.) first starts their spiritual journey and (2.) In times of certain changes that causes one to think.

To best answer this, it depends on where you are spiritually.   If you are just starting in your spiritual growth then the signals are there.  The words are being given, but it is your receptivity of what the message is and learning to open to it.  So lets start with asking for it.  Asking God to show you the signals and open your awareness more, so you may see what is. From here, learn to slow down to receive the message.  This is my best answer for you and just look to see what stands out to you the most as you use your five senses.   What I am referring to will be, symbolism.  So as you are walking, if you notice something that for whatever the reason resonates with you or just stands out, even for a second, then this is the message to you.

The thing to do here is to see how it resonates and what it could possibly mean.  To do this, go back in prayer and ask God, what it is that is being told.   Be patient and watch as things unfold.  To help you grow, journal.  Document what was asked and things that are found.  Research what something means.  This will help you identify your body signals to get better at discerning the message.  There truly is nothing new under the sun.   So move with things till you find what is relate-able to you.

For the non-beginners that have this question. Go back to your signals that you know.  Slow down and meditate to grow your reception to his words.  Allow scriptures and numbers to come to you and flow with the armor to protect and guide you as they were made.  Allow the words of ones around you to be received as answers to your questions.  Do this by allowing and opening back up the lines of communication and the divinity within.  Open the mind and the heart to flow and receive as you send out signals to reconnect.

As you get more intune and believe more, you will feel more a positive flow of energy.  This is your signal, for it comes from Love.  Love is God.  So as you feel warmth, compassion and good vibes more you will know you are receiving the right messages.   The physical outcomes will also show this, even through rough/negatives times.  Be faithful, positive and strong, for things will pass and you see it through.  Just Believe.

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