Whole & Undivided

Why is it that we always look for something that we are not? In many cases, when seeking a relationship there is a rat race to find something better. One to grow with, achieve with and become as the new term states “a power couple”. In essence, the norm has begun to run from themselves and be something that they are not and inevitably competing with the Jones to have the “best relationship”.

The patience to wait to receive the right person in our lives is not an easy task.  We desire and want the things we are taught to have as it matches the world versus knowing US, the inside roots and who we really are.

The key to finding someone, is  to first find you. As Myles Munroe pointed out in his book, Single, Married & Divorced, one must first be whole through God before he/she can find the true mate. Whole meaning not just knowing yourself, but being happy with that and also one with God. As in his reading, he referenced to Adam and Eve.

Although God had made all the animals, species and insects of the world there was only one that did not have a partner or a mate. This was Adam. As much as he had cultivated, worked and obeyed God, he did not have a companion. The irony of this, without being there, he was complete with himself and as he lived a life of servitude.

It was not until he was this complete that God gave him his companion – Eve.

This is the challenge that we have in today’s society now and why divorce rates are high. The lack of patience for waiting for what God has in store for us and the lack of discipline in learning how to draw near to him is the strength in today’s society.

As a result, people are disconnected from themselves and God.


And if you think about it, if we cannot connect with those two, how on earth can there be a connection with someone else. The foundation has already been uprooted. As a result, people have dismay and connect with the wrong persons. We lose sight of God’s plan for us and focus on our plans for us. Meaning the importance of what we want or need has taken precedence in today’s world.

So the idea of the next “power couple” or working with worldly ideas is a separation made with the one’s ego. A divine separation that keeps one from how we were actually designed to connect and receive true love.

I believe that a true love does exist, but unlocking yourself from hurts and pains interfere with your very own growth when meeting someone new and moving forward in one as God has truly designed for us.   This pain, keeps a person divided and removed from themselves and in essence from another.

Allowing walls to stay up, games to be run and in today’s world the necessity of what can be gained from it as a precedence.  I know that is wrong, but realistically this is what is being seen in social media, in conversation and in any story of survival.

To make a change, be the difference.  One must get comfortable with ones self.  This means facing the Bad and the Ugly, coming to terms with it and releasing all that does not serve.  Finding one in the process of this healing will require patience and understanding on both parts.

For relationships are not easy.  With different experiences, beliefs and lives while seeking truth and God the realness of a friendship is essential with good communication.  Not just speaking, but taking time to LISTEN, REFLECT and UNDERSTAND one another.

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