Women and their Womb

The Real Reasons why your Menstrual Cycle has changed

It happens to the best of us you know. Lately with the energy shifts, the womb has gone through much transitions. What I have noticed are the big shifts in menstrual cycle that includes consistency, pain before and after and abnormal symptoms. These symptoms are triggering menopause for some women at an early stage. In addition to women in their late 30’s to mid 40’s starting premenopausal symptoms, teens and young adult women are experiencing changes in the menstrual as well.

This shift started about August 2018 and has continued to create changes in women’s cycles, in regards to regularity. Some have noticed sporadic or infrequent cycles. Shorter duration’s. More pain, swelling and cramps. As well as abdominal pain preceding the cycle. Others have noticed a length in a cycle or more frequent in one month.

Now, these shift seem to be of more than one source.

On one aspect, the shifts seem to be a clearing of the womb for ascension. Now with this clearing we are releasing much of what is not serving our energetic bodies. This process allows us to free ourselves of the old paradigm. Let go of old programming, trauma and hurts.

The womb is a sacred space for a woman. It is where much of our emotion and energetic frequencies is stored. Much trauma sustained in this lifetime gets trapped in the womb. This is in addition to sexual ties/energetic cords, miscarriage, molestation, abortion, rape, cysts or any ailments that have developed in the physical body.

To effectively ascend, we are being brought to a time where we are releasing such energies to merge into a higher vibration. Most of this healing is unexpected, as far as timing. We are releasing what we felt has been dealt with. But in essence, needs to be released from the body.

In another aspect, there has been much changes to the frequency on this planet. The energies are having a negative impact on our bodies. Specifically the woman and her womb.

I feel this is not being spoken about enough and women are having these issues with inconclusive answers from their doctor. When in actuality, more women are experiencing these very shifts and unaware of what may be causing it. Many releasing it to stress, diet and life changes, such as a birth.

The frequencies that I refer to are that of the increase to 5G. I feel intuitively that this is a contributor to our health. Even at 4G, we are uncertain of the impact that we sustain with being exposed to such frequencies. On another level, these same frequencies have impacted birds and other animals on this planet.

The birds alone have decreased in population. In some areas dying instantly, from their hearts stopping. In other spaces, we see birds are flying much lower than normal. Almost to avoid something.

So in this two part transition, the womb has been impacted heavily and leads me to wonder what is next for women and the future generation.

Want specific help?

A healing session is in order. Let’s connect to remove trapped emotions, disconnect the cords from past lovers, trauma, births, surgeries to heal your womb. It is the seat of your soul and clearing this energetically allows a clear line of connection to your divine intuition. Let’s get clear together, book a session.