Working With people and Understanding Energies

A very integral part of our makeup and we know so little about.  This is energy.  Energy is in everything and is everywhere.  It impacts us greater than we realize and if it was understood could help heal and manifest.

When you are dealing with people, the root of understanding is with energy of the person that is tied to their spirit.  This energy is often felt or just sensed by the vibrations that they are giving off.  Because we are not taught, we allow the words and body language to be the believable trait and trust that.

As a result, you can end up in a situation that you “felt” you could have avoided. It’s almost like instinctually you knew already what not to do.


Here’s the thing, learn your body signals and to trust what is.

Signs that you are picking up on someone’s energy:

  1. A pit feeling in the abdominal area
  2. Sensation around the crown of the head
  3. A random thought
  4. Tingles on the arm
  5. Your eyebrows or facial may respond in a shift to a feeling
  6. Butterflies or lightness in chest
These are all subtle signs that your body may naturally do in response to energy subtleties. Whats essentially happening is that your spirit is sending signals to your body as a gentle nudge to get your attention and shift your awareness. 
By understanding the sensations you feel, you can then learn to trust your signals.  Trusting is key to accept the now and understand the energy.  When you trust, the truth will set you free from a mental paralysis or an emotional entanglement or verbal exchange. 
This goes with good or bad energies.  Of course, we read and view the challenging aspects of our life and look for ways to avoid and put into practice ways to implement peace.  However, we can also fold at sensations that are bringing us a higher vibration.  
For example, for myself, the feeling I had for fear of something bad felt the same for me for when something good was coming.  Talk about confusion.  It was this pit queazy feeling in my stomach and I had to work through it to find the what was the truth (feeling of freedom – good or bad) versus that negative thought running its course (the lie).
It was a challenge, I would ask questions, write and it really took some meditation and inward reflections of understanding energies and my internal reactions to things and the why.
I had to learn to allow things to flow and not allow the thoughts to sit.
It freed me greatly.
Now, accessing vibrations are very easy for me.  I can sense things from far or as I enter a room or receive a call.  I am aware that not everyone’s senses are as sensitive as me.  However, I know it can be developed and found ways to teach this. The more you practice and pay attention to your body throughout the day, the more you understand the energies and improve your overall relationships by getting to the truth of the matter.

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