My ALS Challenge

Now when I received this challenge, I was very hesitant.  It was actually done last week, when my dear friend of over 20 years nominated me.  I did accept the challenge and share with social media on facebook and twitter, but somehow neglected to do so here.  My apologies.    ๐Ÿ™‚

What reached me with this challenge, primarily was the cause.  After learning about it through this challenge, I hope to bring awareness to something that is quite serious. Also one that touched me.  Although I do not have this, having gone through injuries that affect these specific areas I can say that my heart goes out to anyone that suffers from this deadly disease.

On a marketing standpoint, the challenge within itself is ingenious!  It connects with the actual body and makes sense with ice water and the nerves.  Plus it was brilliant with building awareness, fun and brought people together.

Their success with bringing celebrities and social media together has raised over 40 million in revenue.  This time last year it was 1.4 million.  The one unfortunate tragedy is that of visionary dying before he could see the results.

Man, that’s significant.  I can go in two directions with this.  One where we say no matter what we do, we can’t give up and have to keep trying.  For much of what we are doing is for a legacy.  For his perseverance with his work made him brilliant in the end and achieving his goal with awareness.

From here, I hope they receive the right staff and people to properly manage the excess funds that they did receive and research to find a cure for this deadly disease.  The trueness is awareness and the more we are aware of such negative energies in the world, the more we can do something to conquer them.

I hope you enjoyed my crazy scream…lol and learned more about ALS, what it stands for and its true cause.

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