You Only Have Today

As a day that you can make something happen.  Appreciate the one you love.  Take time for the things that really matter.  No matter which way you put it, if we move into tomorrow, you will still only have today.

So why focus on yesterday’s troubles or worry your mind over tomorrow’s concern?  Its a habit that is best unlearned.  To some degree we all have some facet of being concerned with another time.  Whether its yesterdays troubles or tomorrow’s unpredictability.  But for now, lets try saying “We only have today”.

Living like we only have today requires two key elements.  One is love and the other is keeping a child like enthusiasm.  There is an old saying “Once a Man, Twice A Child”.  We can think of it as aging and the caring for that is needed during the human development and decay.  However, what is important with relations to this discussion is the thought process.   As a child, we are open to whatever is.  We have no boundaries, rules or levels of stop the unexpected.  We receive openly, just as easily as learning to speak your first language.  Then as we go grow things are taught, fear.

Then for years throughout your life based on teachings from your parents, media, religion, friends, family, work environment decisions are made and walls are formed creating boundaries in your life.   These boundaries then have a devastating effect on you energetically.  Inadvertently stopping you in the past where the first no-no happened and leaving you frozen to move forward, for somewhere you were taught that mistakes are bad.  This paralysis creates an over thinking and a blockage that prevents not just bad things to come into your life but the GOOD Ones!  The craziest part is because whatever you focus on IS what grows, you end up bringing more of what you DON’T want right back to you! Aaargh…..

On the other spectrum of life is when you are older and wiser.  You now know that there was really nothing to be scared of.  I am sure many of us can relate to an elder who just had no care. They lived it, done it or seen it already and in the end they just still smile.   Just as they did when they were born and as a child.   twice a child.

See, so the child did not know what to expect so he/she had happiness within.  The second child the elder, has experienced life and has lost worry of yesterday’s troubles  and has accepted their time here usually revert back to this level of child like enthusiasm and live in the now.  They know they only have today.    So the key is with us now to put in the work to unlearn habits and start trusting in the higher power that things will be done right.  Enjoy now and keep moving forward.

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