Understanding and Controlling The Energy Within You

Energy and how we use it can be the result of a good day or bad day.  The key is to be mindful of your energy and how you utilize it daily.  We are all energetic beings and how we choose to use this in our daily life is a gift of free will.  Without the factors of diet, weather and hormonal exchanges, we have the capacity to lift within our hearts and select a vibration that is unique for us.  In each of us there is Light and there is Darkness.  The wolf we decide to feed is a a choice we have continually through time.

The thing is mastering this and how you keep your energy. As spiritual beings, regardless of faith there are ways to raise and increase a positive light throughout our days.  As we do this, overall outcomes are improved to the desired results of our inner manifestations.

Things to Do

1.  Learn When to Say No.  You can’t be everything to everyone, for you will be no one to you.   You must be comfortable with saying no and not overcompromising yourself.  When you do not say no, people can take advantage of this, manipulate situations and in essence proceed with actions to blow out your inner light.   Your job is to protect you, your energy and your light to become a better person.

2.  Know Yourself.  Measure your energy at the highs and lows. From here you find yourself by understanding that all is love and the highest form and the realest of you will be the one in a high vibration.  When you are happy.


3.  Understand Energy Vampires and Where You Lose Your Energy.  Ever been happy then enter a room and feel completely drained?  This occurs when a person or environment is on a low energetic level and needs more to sustain.  So whether consciously or unconsciously, they pull from those to sustain.  This means yours!  By knowing your own versus another, you can control and stop your energy from being drained in instances like this.

Understand This

When you harness this energy and protect yourself, you build life from within.  You can feel the sensations the energies that belong and those that do not.  From here you can discern what levels you need maintain to manifest the greatness you desire.   As Albert Einstein had discovered, Energy is never lost, but merely transferred.   So with owning you, you allow God to work through you by channeling directly to this powerful energy and sending the love and light that he has given out to others.

It is this way you truly achieve greatness and build a relationship with God.   Becoming more in-tuned to receive the messages that God sends, allows you to receive the greatness in which is desired for you.  By cutting this off, you allow blocks in your own energy and between you and God.  

Free yourself and be mindful of how your energy is given out and how your thoughts are formed for this has a direct impact on how your life manifests and what is returned to you.  Whatever your faith or your belief as you project out what you want in life, be diligent with protecting and owning your energy in its realest form.

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