Your Energy & You – Getting More Sleep!

Having the right amount of energy is what you need to take you through your day.  We know this but with the realities of this life and busy schedules, sleep seems to be the main cause of why we have low energy.

I have found a quick way to fall asleep and STAY asleep.  It is by a method called 4-7-8.  It is a breathing technique I have learned and put in practice and works every time.  I literally fall asleep in less than one minute.  When I wake, I feel fully rested and actually have a DEEP sleep.

So, the method is well worth it and if you are having issues falling or staying asleep then this is something really really simple that I suggest you try.

The Method is a breathing technique, so it requires Inhalation a hold and then Exhalation.   You do this on the counts measured above which is 4-7-8 respectively.

Inhale at a count of 4 through your nose
Hold for a count of 7
and then Exhale at a count of 8 through your mouth!

Its that simple! It really is.  Try it and feel the difference.  You may have to do more than once, usually after 3 reps, I’m good but whatever works for you.

If you are having difficulty, then no worries.  I will be sharing some great downtime routines to assist you before you do the final countdown. 😉

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