your now. your present. your joy.

The life we live is short lived and full of confusion due to the disconnect.  We seek, but do not find.  We gain but do not absorb the lose.  We depend on things that we cannot sustain.  The lack of control with ourselves leads to paths of indirection loss and insecurity.

To change, we must embrace the now, this very moment in time.  A challenge at times, cause in the life we live and the responsibilities we have, its often times forced to think about the future. Leaving us to lose on our happiness today and propel our life energy into worry.  An unproductive task that robs us from the joy of today and steals from the love in our hearts.  
Look within and find what is true to you.  Slow your pace and move as quietly as the wind.  Learn to embrace the small joys of today to find your true life’s fulfillment. 
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