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Connect deeper and intimately 

Relationships weren't meant to be stressful, reconnect on a soul level to feel aligned and positive vibe.

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    Whether you’ve had energy work or have no idea what it is, it is something you need and can help you get the breakthrough you are looking for.


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    What I do..

    This is a multi-dimensional healing session that is done in person or distant to leave you feeling recharged, rested, relaxed, at peace, happy and living your best life.

    Here I will shift you into a new state of being. In our sessions I will use my gifts to read your energy field, heal the past, to remove anything holding you back from abundance in love, career, friends, finances. Sometimes cutting cords, releasing the past needs a boost to have that clear mind and freedom you want.

    This is perfect after any hardship, loss of a loved one, major life changes or large decisions, no matter how long ago it was. They’re also great for general guidance and keeping in alignment with one’s path and purpose. This includes a powerful energy clearing, intuitive reading and any channeling of guides, past loved ones, angelic beings and more. It is the full spectrum healing experience to reboot and charge and activate your gifts.

    This Service Includes:

    A session with me is powerful, its like “Reiki on speed” – Sarah W. Truly Yoga Studios.

    Depending where you are, a session can include all or what your spirit is calling for.


    Intuitive Guidance

    Psychic Reading Intuitive


    Angelic/Spirit Messages

    Ancestral Guidance


    Aura Reading

    Aura Cleanse

    Body Scan for changes in diet

    Medical Intuition

    Spirit Alignment

    Recalibration Soul

    Alignment Soul

    Integration Past Life


    Safe Handling

    Spirit, Entity attachment

    Safe Cord Cutting

    Inner Child Wounds Trauma 


    Let's hear out some of the success stories

    Most of our customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.

    “Today, I had the opportunity to meet with Keshia for an energy healing. Setting up the session was very easy. I must say she is very talented and experienced. I felt deeply relaxed during the session and felt much better afterwards. Will certainly look forward scheduling another session with her soon.”

    G. Coleman

    “From the moment we began, I felt relaxed. I felt like a rush of emotions needing to come out, as the session proceeded. I felt as if my heart was cleansed. I just recently went through a pretty traumatic experience and wasn’t sure how quite go about life after it. I had a pool of emotions bottled up, inside of me. I was able to let go of all negative energy and move forward with your help. Thank you again for this healing. I would surely recommend this for everyone..”​

    Michelle Davidson

    “Keshia has done an amazing job helping with my energy healing. I have had several sessions with her and continue to grow with each one. 😊I look forward to our future sessions.”​

    Savette Marchman


    Super Charge Your Life in 90 Days!

    Daily protection, support, remote viewing and 8 private one hour healing sessions to clear the blocks, negative energies and receive the healing you need to level up in your life. We will chat on what you are looking to clear and work directly on that to get you reconnected and aligned to live a happier more authentic life! 


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